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“ Les amateurs discutent tactique :
Les professionnels discutent logistique.”

The amateurs discuss tactics: the professionals discuss logistics.

Inspired by the sentiments of Napoleon Bonaparte, Agence Lully aims to turn logistics into an artistic framework for your projects.

  • Luxury

    Master negotiators, hidden gem-finders, curators of the "above and beyond" - our luxury team will cross oceans to prepare programs at the highest level of excellence. For clients who are familiar with the finer things, nothing less than orchestrated perfection will do.

  • Corporate

    From the departure for an exciting location, to a thought-provoking meeting, wrapped up with an epic soirée, our 360° service accompanies participants every step of the way. An in-house app is created and adapted to each individual itinerary.

  • Sports

    Years of experience in the sports domain has earned us our renowned logistical expertise, managing and optimizing large-scale events on an international scale. We are well versed in orchestrating synergetic collaboration between different trades and talents.

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